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New Agency Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to educate and assist in the process of starting an independent agency, but it is up to you to make it happen. Building an agency from scratch is possible. If you're successful, the rewards are considerable, including the ability to call your own shots, a healthy return on investment in the form of owner’s equity and the satisfaction of being in a business that protects people and their valuables. On the other hand, starting an agency from scratch is challenging.

Click on the image for the IIABL New Agency Toolkit which includes the following:

Step 1 -  The Groundwork:  How to get started 

Step 2 – The Business Plan:  Five things every business plan should address

Step 3 – E&O and Legal Criteria:  Licensing, registration, tax id, etc.

Step 4 – Access To Insurance Markets:  Secure direct appointments and indirect markets

Step 5 – Agency Management System: Framework for all the necessary business processes

Step 6 – Workflow Procedures:  Develop a written procedure manual

Step 7 – Additional Training:  Obtain Additional Training:  Technical, Management

Step 8 – Recruit:  The right staff for the right roles


Kathleen O'Regan

IIABL Director of Communications & Events

(225) 236-1360