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Jan 20
Rulings aims at lawsuit abuse

​A ruling by Florida’s top court is a blow to punitive damages rulings in the state, reports the Insurance Journal (1/13/22, Rabb). The state’s business interests will escalate a tort-reform push in 2022, reports Florida Politics (1/13/22, Downey).​

Jan 20
Inflation complicates flood market

​Widespread inflation tied to pandemic supply-chain disruptions is impacting the flood insurance market, and observers urge policyholders to reassess coverage to ensure they have enough as home prices surge, reports IBA magazine (1/18/22, Moorcraft).​

Jan 20
SCOTUS thinking on vax rebuff

​The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a federal vaccine mandate for large employers because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration-proposed directive reached beyond OSHA's scope of authority, according to the Insurance Journal (1/14/22, National News). Covid-related issues, including vaccine mandates, will continue as an industry focus in 2022, according to Insurance Thought Leadership (1/17/22, George).​

Jan 20
Anti-flood focus swells in BR

​A new report concludes Baton Rouge should accelerate and coordinate work to clear local waterways to reduce flood risk, reports The Advocate (1/14/22, Mitchell). A much delayed Baton Rouge flood-prevention project has cleared a long-standing roadblock in the form of a gas pipeline, reports The Advocate (1/19/22, Mitchell). Denham Springs continues recovery from historic flooding in 2016, reports The Advocate (1/13/22, Couvillion).​

Jan 20
Power's back in Ida-hit Grand Isle

​Five months after Hurricane Ida smashed into Grand Isle, the barrier island is making recovery progress that includes the return of electrical power, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (1/18/22, Calder). In New Orleans, a new committee calls for major investment in hardening the power grid after Ida caused widespread outages, reports the Times-Picayune (1/19/22, Sledge). Nearly a year and a half after Hurricane Laura, a vacant Lake Charles skyscraper continues to decay, reports The Advocate (1/17/22, Smith).​

Jan 20
Coming soon: Billions for flood-control

​Some $2.7 billion in federal funds to complete the Morganza-to-the-Gulf hurricane levee and build other flood-control infrastructure is headed to the state, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (1/19/22, Schleifstein). An LSU professor says artificial intelligence can be used to protect coastal areas from flooding, reports The Advocate (1/16/22, Wilkins).​

Jan 20
Rules updated for new mediation program

​The state Department of Insurance issued updates to rules guiding its program to help settle disputes between policyholders and property insurers, reports The Advocate (1/14/22, Paterson). The updates are aimed at encouraging more participation in the voluntary mediation program, which runs through June.​

Jan 19
Americas Insurance Company in Receivership

IIABL met with Commissioner Donelon today and was informed that the Louisiana Department of Insurance filed, and the court approved, placing Americas Insurance Company in receivership.

The department can either try to rehabilitate the companies, by selling assets, finding new capital sources or otherwise finding ways to fund the claims and operations of the carrier or they can liquidate the company. LDI hopes to find a financially sound insurer who is willing to assume the policies as they did with the receivership of Access Home and State National Fire.

Americas is admitted in Louisiana, meaning that policyholders would be covered by the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association (LIGA) for claims up to $500,000 and for up to $10,000 in return premium, in the event of a liquidation. Americas will transfer their records to LIGA who will be responsible for paying claims and return premiums until policies are assumed or Americas is rehabilitated or liquidated.

IIABL will provide additional information as it becomes available.​

Jan 13
Florida Aims at Lawsuit Abuse

​Lawmakers in Florida will look to curb rising insurance premiums by taking on lawsuit abuse, reports Florida Politics (1/10/22, Ogles). Property insurers could use Google maps and other images instead of expert witnesses in claims disputes under a Florida proposal, reports the Insurance Journal (1/12/22, Rabb).​

Jan 13
Home Covid tests must be covered

​The Biden administration has ordered private health insurers to cover the cost of up to eight home Covid tests per month, reports the Associated Press (1/10/22, Miller). A lack of pandemic-related mandates and government-ordered shutdowns amid the Omicron surge could make U.S. businesses more vulnerable to workplace liability claims, reports Fox Business News (1/5/22, Park). ​

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