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Apr 08
Rising worry: Cyber attacks on robot cars

​A survey concludes that potential cyber attacks on automated vehicles are a growing concern for U.S. consumers, reports Carrier Management (4/8/21). Cyber attacks are a growing but poorly understand insurance risk, reports IBA magazine (3/29/21, Smith).


Apr 08
Experts expect busy storm season

Forecasters say the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season will be busier than average, with 16 to 20 named storms and seven to 10 hurricanes, reports AccuWeather (4/6/21, Byrne).​​

Apr 08
Jump in flood-coverage pricing coming

An effort to bring risk in line with pricing means hundreds of thousands of U.S. homeowners will pay much more for flood insurance, reports Reuters (4/1/21, Scott). The coming changes reflect the first major overhaul of National Flood Insurance Program pricing in 50 years. ​​​

Apr 08
Potential buyout for homes at toxic site

​A buyout deal is under development after decades of discussion for 54 New Orleans homes built over a former landfill that was named a federal Superfund site, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (4/7/21, Parker). Gordon Plaza residents blame toxins for a high rate of cancer and other problems.


Apr 08
Spillway plans unclear as river crests

The Mississippi River is expected to crest Friday significantly below a level that could reach levee tops, but there is a chance the Bonnet Carre Spillway will open nevertheless, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (4/7/21, Schleifstein). Gov. John Bel Edwards announced how $163 million in federal funds will be used for flood protection around the state, reports The Advocate (4/6/21). An unusual boat will aid rescue efforts if Livingston Parish floods again, reports The Advocate (4/3/21, Cobler).​​

Apr 08
Crash scams could become seperate felonies

Louisiana lawmakers could make scams involving staged car crashes designed to get insurance money separate felony crimes under a bill backed by Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (4/8/21, Simerman). The proposal comes in the wake of a wide-ranging accident scheme in New Orleans.​

Apr 08
Delta's toll nearly $3 billion

Hurricane Delta's total cost to the U.S. is about $2.9 billion, reports the Associated Press (4/3/21). The deadly 2020 storm made landfall in southwest Louisiana about 11 miles from the spot where Hurricane Laura came ashore. A video produced by a community foundation captures the state of storm recovery in Lake Charles, reports The Advocate (4/7/21). The threat of dangerous weather, including possible tornadoes and flash flooding, looms in Louisiana and Mississippi, reports ABC News (4/8/21, Golembo). Ana is the first name on the list for 2021 named storms, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (4/2/21, Discher).​​

Mar 31
Catalyit Provides All the Tech Guidance Agencies Need in One Place, Thanks to Steve Anderson and 7 Big I State Associations

​Catalyit Solves Agency Technology Pain Point 

[March 30, 2021] IIA of Wisconsin, Big I New York, IAB of Louisiana, PIIA of Colorado, Big I New Jersey, IIA of Texas, and IIA of North Carolina have partnered with Steve Anderson to launch Catalyit. 

"Members constantly share their frustration and need for guidance on agency technology," says Lisa Lounsbury, President of Catalyit, and President & CEO of Big I New York. "There hasn't been a one-stop-shop for us to refer them to, so we created one. With the right tech, agencies will thrive. And that's exactly what we're going to help them do." 

Access to the Catalyit membership site ( is granted through a subscription, with further discounts to Big I partner state members.

"The number of ways agencies can leverage technology to increase profits and serve customers is nearly unlimited. But time, know-how, and fear of risk are getting in the way. Catalyit will solve it for them," says Steve Anderson, leading insurance technology authority and CEO of Catalyit. "My career has been dedicated to helping agencies harness technology, which is why I'm thrilled to announce Catalyit. We've assembled world-class experts, guidance, solutions, training, and community to help agencies thrive."

Agencies will benefit from:

  • Guides & Reviews: Not sure which AMS to choose? Don't have time to research 5 quoting platforms? We've done the work! Our guides help agencies compare solutions in minutes and include reviews by peers and experts.
  • Training: From monthly live coaching and Q&A sessions to on-demand classes, agencies will be able to use the lingo, get the most out of tools, and train their teams. Unlimited access includes the Tech Tips weekly insights newsletter.
  • Tools: Catalyit's in-depth tech assessment provides agencies with a custom roadmap for success and the tools to get it done. Have the right tech stack? We have a guide for that too.
  • Community: Discuss trends, best practices, and challenges with peers, experts, and providers. With Catalyit, there's an entire community of support and networking.
  • Consulting: Our team of experts can work directly with an agency.

While the full Catalyit website launches in June, agencies should visit today to download Catalyit's Top 10 Tech Tips, sign up for launch notifications, and get on the list for a free tech assessment.

​About Catalyit

Catalyit is the "go-to" technology resource for insurance agencies. In one place, we bring together world-class tech experts, guidance, solutions, training, and community to increase agency profits and customers' experience. Through, agencies access solution guides & reviews, training, assessments, and tools, a member co​​mmunity, and consulting. Our subscription-based membership site launches in June at

[Pronounced cat-a-lit]

​About Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is a technology and risk expert, and one of the original thought leaders/influencers for LinkedIn. From business management systems to social media, Steve analyzes what is happening and explains its implications for the future. He spent his career helping the insurance industry understand, integrate, and leverage current and emerging technologies. Steve is a globally sought-after speaker, bestselling author, business consultant, and risk expert. His most recent research was the basis for his recently released book, The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, an international best-seller. Steve serves as Catalyit CEO.​

Mar 29
LA Citizens Tax Credit Expired 12-3-2019

Act 403 of the 2017 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature ended several Louisiana state tax credits, including the Louisiana Citizens Insurance Credit for assessments arising out of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, effective December 31, 2019.

​

Mar 29
Liberty Mutual & Safeco Release Rise of Digital Insurance Agency Report

Research finds independent insurance agencies that are high adopters grew revenue 60% faster than low digital adopters, uncovers several revenue-driving digital capabilities.

​

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