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Jun 17
Measure to protect vs. climate change: expert

​A weatherman turned risk professional said closely measuring the impacts of climate change will be key to effectively insuring against this top industry risk, reports IBA magazine (6/11/21, Olano).​

Jun 17
Cat claims running high

​This year's disaster claims are running 17 percent above the long-term average, and insurers should prepare for another difficult year in 2021, reports Reinsurance News (6/14/21, Gallin).​

Jun 17
Florida permits exclusion of risky relatives

​A reform bill signed into law by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis allows policyholders to exclude high-risk family members from auto-insurance policies, reports Florida Politics (6/14/21, Downey). Reform proponents say the measures are having a positive impact on litigation and other concerns even before the law goes into effect on July 1, reports the Insurance Journal (6/11/21, Simpson).​

Jun 17
Robot driving rules in the works

​Lawmakers unanimously agreed to a framework for rules to guide the use of self-driving robots to make short-distance package deliveries for Louisiana pharmacies and others, reports the Associated Press (6/16/21).​

Jun 17
Construction pause in Iberville

​Iberville Parish paused building on the east side of the Mississippi River for one year over flooding concerns, and Ascension may do something similar, reports The Advocate (6/15/21, Rddad).​

Jun 17
On the rise: Louisiana earthquakes

​A new analysis concludes earthquakes are growing in frequency in oil-producing states, including Louisiana and Texas, reports the Insurance Journal (6/15/21, National News). The study looks at changes since 2017.​

Jun 17
Debris clean-up continues as storm looms

​Debris hauled from Baton Rouge homes that flooded in May would measure 10 feet deep if it was laid out in Tiger Stadium’s field, reports The Advocate (6/16/21, Cobler). An opinion piece in The Advocate (6/16/21) argues recovery efforts in Lake Charles from 2020 hurricanes, including property buyouts, are too little so far. South Louisiana residents are bracing for another deluge this weekend, reports The Advocate (6/16/21, Cobler). A possible tropical storm could dump 10 inches of rain in some areas, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (6/16/21, Wells).​

Jun 17
Levee Payoff Plan Approved

​Legislators passed a plan to use New Orleans-area sales tax and future surplus funds to pay Louisiana's share of post-Hurricane Katrina levee building, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (6/12/21, Schleifstein). A judge says Sorrento taxpayers pay for drainage maintenance but don't get it, reports The Advocate (6/15/21, Mitchell). Erosion and hurricanes threaten Avery Island, reports the Associated Press (6/16/21, McConnaughey). ​

Jun 15
Urgent Alert: NEW STATUTE mandates action from agents

​In 2020, the Louisiana Legislature passed the "Insurance Data Security Law" which puts new requirements on anyone with a license from the Louisiana Department of Insurance. The law has 2 primary components: the mandate for a written information security plan and mandatory investigation and reporting of any cyber breach event to the commissioner's office. Agents MUST be in compliance with the statute NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1, 2021, so act now!

Download the full IIABL Urgent Alert to find out what you need to do, if you are exempt, and how to comply with the new investigation and reporting requirements.

IIABL Urgent Alert​

Jun 10
Federal judge tosses pandemic suits

​A federal judge in Seattle dismissed hundreds of business lawsuits seeking insurer reimbursement for revenues lost during pandemic closures, reports Claims Journal (6/3/21, Sams).​

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