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Sep 23
New coverage for home-based business

​In another sign of the pandemic's impact, insurer Great American is introducing coverage for businesses that operate out of the home, reports IBA magazine (9/16/21, Smith).​

Sep 23
Fire crews wrap homes, trees in aluminum

​California firefighters are using aluminum wraps to protect homes and giant Sequoia trees endangered by wildfire, reports the Associated Press (9/18/21, Sonner). Global insured losses are more than 100 percent above the long-term average, reports Reinsurance News (9/15/21, Gallin).​​

Sep 23
FEMA won't delay rate changes
​The Federal Emergency Management Agency will go ahead with rate-calibration changes for the National Flood Insurance Program that will mean higher costs for most policyholders, reports E&E News (9/22/21, Frank).​​​ 

Sep 23
Debt-limit fight worries Lake Charles

​Officials in Lake Charles are concerned that partisan fighting over the federal debt limit could delay already languishing recovery from 2020's Hurricane Laura, reports The Advocate (9/22/21, Smith). Livingston Parish will receive $1.7 million to fund 51 local home elevations, reports The Advocate (9/22/21, Finn).​​

Sep 23
Bayou region struggles are "crisis"

​Lafitte and other Bayou communities are still making little headway in storm recovery, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (9/21/21, Roberts). In Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes, some residents are building temporary homes from rubble in what a state lawmaker called a “humanitarian crisis," reports the Insurance Journal/Louisiana Illuminator (9/22/21, Canicosa). FEMA housed emergency workers in cruise ships at a cost of $50,000 per person, reports the Times-Picayune (9/21/21, Karlin). A Tulane researcher said storm-proofing expenses could drive away all but well-do-to residents from some coastal areas, reports CNBC (9/16/21, Jacobson). A chart in The Advocate (9/17/21) tracks by parish how much flood-insurance costs will increase under a new rate-setting system.​

Sep 23
Governor seeks $2.5 billion in storm aid

​The state needs $2.5 billion in federal Ida-recovery funds, the governor said, reports The Advocate (9/21/21, Paterson). A deadline for $500 critical-needs payments from FEMA passed on Wednesday, but some potential applicants still didn't know if they would qualify, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (9/21/21, Berlin). New storms are brewing as forecasters run out of storm names for the second year straight, reports the Times-Picayune (9/22/21, Wells).​​​

Sep 23
Entergy may be investigated over blackouts

​New Orleans moved toward investigating the failure of Entergy's transmission system after Hurricane Ida, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune (9/22/21, Adelson). The company this week said it has drained its ratepayer-funded storm-recovery account, reports the Times-Picayune (9/22/21, McAuley). It will ask regulators to permit it to charge customers $5-a-month for 15 years for Ida repairs, reports The Advocate (9/20/21, Paterson).​

Sep 23
Post-Ida debate over "Habitability"

​Some policyholders and insurers disagree over when a damaged structure is uninhabitable, something companies determine case by case, reports The Advocate (9/18/21, Paterson).  An editorial in The Advocate (9/22/21) calls for consistent standards on the matter. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon reassured policyholders that filing a storm claim will not result in higher premiums or cancelled coverage, reports The Advocate (9/16/21, Paterson). Donelon has twice warned that insurers could be fined if they refuse to cover Hurricane Ida evacuation costs, reports the Louisiana Illuminator (9/16/21, Muller).​

Sep 16
Litigation likely after vax mandate

​The president's plan to require more than 100 million Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 relies on a rule with a history of being blocked in court, and experts say legal challenges are coming, reports Reuters (9/13/21, Hals). ​

Sep 16
Look back: 9/11 was costliest event

​The September 11th terrorist attacks 20 years ago were a human tragedy and also the most expensive insurance event at $45 billion in today's dollars, reports IBA magazine (9/10/21, Wallace).​

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