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Cyber Liability for Agents

IIABL offers a cyber liability program through Beazley.  This program provides IIABL members with coverages designed especially for independent insurance agencies with significant discounted pricing.

As independent insurance agents, we handle a lot of sensitive personal customer information.  We upload, download, email and use websites which handle all of that personal information and are potential targets for data breach and cyber liability.
Do you have insurance coverage to protect your agency against these cyber risks?

Data Breach Information Guide
Data Security Risk Management

For additional information contact:

Rhonda Martinez,, 225.236.1352 or

Jamie Newchurch,, 225.236.1350


Cybersecurity compliance can be overwhelming.  IIABL provides you with  the two tools listed below to make it easier.

2)  Sample Agency Cybersecurity Program.  This editable document helps you to create your own agency cybersecurity program to meet all of your needs.